Our Armagnacs

Marie Duffau Armagnacs offers a range of blends from three years to more than 30 years as well as vintages from 1960 to this day.

Try the young Armagnacs in cocktails or in long drinks served on the rocks. They will bring all of their perfume to all types of cooking; enhancing, flaming, flavouring and accompanying dishes and patisseries.

The older Armagnacs express their subtlety, finesse, richness and character on their own or accompanied by a cigar, a chocolate dessert or a sharp arabica coffee. Let yourself be tempted by the aperitif Floc de Gascogne and the Agen Prunes in Armagnac for dessert.

Our selection:

Fine Armagnac

Aspect: Pale yellow colour, bright and clear
Nose: Light note of wood and vanilla (ageing in barrels)
Mouth: The first contact is clean and lively. Well balanced, the sensation of alcohol is strong though not aggressive and leaves room for notes of vanilla, fresh grapes and apples. The finish of fresh fruit has great length.


Aspect: Golden coloured Armagnac, bright and clear.
Nose: Aromas of prunes, vanilla and fresh grapes.
Mouth: The attack is striking and clean followed by notes of quince, tannins, prunes. On the finish, this Armagnac is supple and round with light vanilla and great fullness.


Minimum. 6 years old.
Flavors of cocoa, orange rind, cake batter and vanilla. Soft tannins on the finish and a touch of rancio to come.
90-95 points Wine Enthusiast
“The opening nosings find smells of roasted chestnut and baked pear; later sniffings pick up succulent notes of pineapple, caramel, black raisins, prunes and old oak. The palate entry is creamy textured and semisweet; at the midpalate the flavor becomes integrated and very nutty/woody. Concludes oily, semisweet and oaky. Best Buy .”

Hors d'Age

Aspect: Amber coloured Bas-Armagnac, bright and clear.
Nose: Rancio, nuts, vanilla, toasted notes, mellow wood.
Mouth: Clean attack, soft with light tannins. Note of rancio with a round and supple finish with great length.


Aspect: Bas-Armagnac with a colour of old copper and orange highlights, bright and clear.
Nose: Rich and powerful nose with smooth aromas of vanilla, cocoa, butter and toasted wood.
Mouth: Mouth with typical notes from ageing in wood (vanilla, oak), finishing with a pleasant touch of rancio (butter, fruit stones, walnuts). Great length.


Aspect: Bas-Armagnac light amber colour with highlights of old copper, bright and clear.
Nose: Rich, full, fruity, notes of light tobacco, citrus and liquorice.
Mouth: Supple attack, balanced, mellow tannins. Can find a note of citrus and spice. Great length in the mouth that leaves a sensation of roundness and softness.

Agen Prunes in Armagnac

We select genuine whole Agen Prunes with the highest calibre per kilo the ‘Prune d’Ente from Agen’ itself an Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée “Prunes d’Agen”. These prunes are left to macerate in a liqueur made with 31.5 centilitres of Armagnac, a few grams of sugar and our secret! The jar of 70cl is 18% abv and benefits from the appellation “Agen Prunes in Armagnac” as they are made with 100% AOC Armagnac

White Floc de Gascogne

Aspect: Jaune pâle, reflets dorés.
Nose: Dried fruits, honey.
Mouth: Great aromatic finesse, round, fresh sensation, aromas of honey and dried fruits accompanied by a touch of liquorice.

Red Floc de Gascogne

Aspect: Ruby red with pink highlights.
Nose: Red fruits, blackcurrant and raspberry.
Mouth: Raspberry and blackcurrant flavours along with very pleasant vegetal notes.

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